When it comes to managing your company's finances there is a lot of new software and technology available. At Venture we utilise these new platforms as much as possible so that we can implement faster and more efficient processes into your finance department.

What is an Accounting Tech Stack?

Tech stack (technology stack) in accountancy refers to the technology available which all relate to each other to achieve a desired end result. This refers to such technology as bookkeeping software, reporting software and various other softwares used in the accounting process.

These individual softwares work together to deliver an end to end accounting function. At Venture we consider ourselves a technology based accounting practice. This means that we use a myriad of accounting software to deliver a high quality service to our customers.

Benefits of an Accounting Tech Stack

We know that technology helps breed efficiency and faster operating times. Using an accounting tech stack we have the ability to achieve a variety of benefits for our customers compared to old accounting practices, including:

  • Generate comprehensive reports.
  • Streamlined & automated processes.
  • Reduces human error.
  • Unparalleled organisation of files.
  • Saves time and money.
  • Cloud based storage.
  • Instantly share financial information.