A growing business needs an efficient finance function to ensure that the business can operate smoothly. A finance function takes control of the internal financial system in the business.

What does a finance function do?

  • Invoicing – We integrate your invoicing to our accounting software so that invoices can be sent immediately and we can monitor outstanding and overdue debtors.
  • Payments – Again, completely integrated with our Accounting software, we build and control your pay runs including supplier payments, HMRC liabilities and employee wages.
  • Credit Control – Do you feel like chasing your invoices is interfering with client relationships? We manage your credit control so you can concentrate on building relationships without those awkward conversations.
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Bank Feeds

Say goodbye to manually inputting transactions from your bank into your accounting records. Bank feeds are an accountancy technology which feeds a direct link from your bank account to accounting software. 

This means that every time you make a transaction on that particular bank account, the transaction is automatically recorded. We handle Bank Feed software for all our clients and can help in the set up and maintenance of it, saving them huge amounts of time and money.

Credit Control

It should stipulate on your invoices how long your customers have until payment is due, but this due date is your decision. It is recommended you give a sufficient timeframe so the customer has time to pay and you have enough cash flow to deal with any outgoings.

If a customer is overdue on paying an invoice and you need to chase them up this is credit control. Our credit control software allows unpaid invoices to be tracked and it will give reminders if invoices aren’t paid or need to be paid soon. This saves you time on manually having to phone, email or visit customers and asking for payment.